Selecting the right type of tire depends on the type of vehicle, terrain, and style of riding.- Always refer back to vehicle owner’s manual for tire size and load recommendation.


When deciding on what tires to select, keep in mind the terrain you plan on riding over.

DIRT - Sport racing XC tires tend to have smaller tread block and softer rubber compound for better traction and acceleration.

MUD - Depending on how deep the mud is - Light, Medium, and Heavy lug pattern (These tires go from shallow, medium to deep treads)

DESERT CROSS TERRAIN - Comprised of a variety of terrains found in desert including obstacles like sand, hard pack, dirt, rocks, gravel and vegetation.

ALL TERRAIN - Designed for a variety of conditions, utility tires that can handle mud, dirt,sand, rocks, and trails; these tires normally have open tread design, with durable sidewall, and higher ply rating.

SAND - Paddle tires are for Sand Dunes and have ability to propel you forward and carve through the sand.

HARDPACK - Can vary from asphalt to hard clay, and dirt.


Sport ATV - Can be equipped with a wide variety of tread patterns and sizeswith proper fit being determined by engine size, riding style, and
type of terrain that you will be covering.

Utility ATV - Normally requires a more durable tire based on vehicles load requirement and usage.

UTV / Side X Side - Usually require larger tires with higher load capacity and tread pattern is determined by how vehicle will be used.