Arisun Aftershock XD Review


"I have had a set of 30x10x15 Arisun Aftershock XD tires on my 2 seat XP1K since the Sand Show. I ran them at Dumont for Halloween as I was too lazy to put on the STU's. I was really happy with how they performed at the dunes. Aired down to about 5 PSI, and was able to go anywhere and climb any of the hills out there. Great performance even though they are heavier than my STU's on Hipers. I was finally able to put them to the test in the desert yesterday here in Vegas. I took some of my buddies out to the Pioneer Saloon in Jean NV through a nice desert run. The trip is about 20 miles each way, and has a combination of high speed runs and some slower climbs with loose rocks and shale. I had the tires set at 8 PSI for the run. I cant tell you how happy I am with the performance of these tires in the desert! They are very stable at speeds (ran at about 70MPH on the faster sections), and the traction on the loose rocks / shale was awesome. Had no problem hooking up. Aside from looking badass, they performed badass as well. They have a belt in the sidewall that is supposed to help with punctures. Overall.... extremely happy with these tires combined with my 15" Raceline Black Mamba beadlocks!

"Highly recommended if you are looking for a 30" tire!!!


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